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Flames Hard Case

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Glass and Stride Cases

Both Glass and Stride Cases provide premium print quality and complete protection



Perfect fit, looks durable and is an excellent quality product.


Always getting compliments from family, friends and collegues.

Nupur Sharma

Edge Strides

On Stride cases we have strides on the edge that provide 6ft drop protection.

Toughened Back

On the back it has hard TPU glass that provides premium print quality


Product specifications

Information regarding various products availble on the website

Glass Case

Available for 200+ phone models

360° edge protection, hard TPU glass on the back for premium print

Stride Case

Available for iPhone models only

Strides on the edges provide 6ft drop protection

Hard Case

Available for 600+ phone models

Premium print quality, with prefect opening for ports and camera

Oversized T-Shirt

All sizes avaialble

Easy replacement policy

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